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Jill Harmer. - Abstract and Figure Painter

Artist statement: "Being someone that feels my surroundings and often wears my heart on her sleeve. To know that the viewers can overcome their own boundaries and discover a little piece of themselves through my artwork is reward in itself."

J ill Harmer, an ethereal abstract painter creates an alluring captivating presence for any setting. With a history in black and white photography, the use of colour and acrylic paint on large-scale canvas prove to be no match for this passionate and creative artist.

Born March 12 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, this solicitous woman gives many thanks to her simple upbringing that provided her with the gifts she has today. Jill owes her exceptional values and innovative soul to many summers spent North at the family cottage with her grandparents. Jill’s childhood experiences of long walks along the sandy shores of Georgian Bay play a colossal rule in her artwork. You can almost feel her experiences through the canvas; the rustle of tall ancient pines swaying back and forth, ever changing sunsets, script starry nights, and the smell of tree sap, campfi res and coff ee in the frosty morning breeze.

While attending Ontario College of Art (OCA), most of Jill’s time was spent working with acrylic painting or developing fi lm in the resident photography lab. In her last year, Jill was introduced to watercolour and again embraced this medium with ease, however with this new form of expression Jill found it extremely hard to paint realistically within the confi nes of the class, as did her classmates. It was at the time, her instructor encouraged Jill to continue her journey with abstract, and to paint what was in her heart and not bother with what everyone else was doing.

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