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Luna M. - Landscape & Abstract Painter

Hand Painted Art

  1. Features a variety of shapes
  2. Considers the use of colour to accent
  3. Incorporates textures into the foreground and background
  4. Includes landscape and abstract hand painted art

When looking to add some depth to your décor, look to the landscape and abstract works of one of our Toronto-based painters, Luna M. In describing her muse, Luna says, "I like to be inspired by what I see around me. Shapes, colours, textures... and I try to apply that to my art."

Her work definitely encompasses each of those categories: shapes, colours and textures.

Shapes in Luna’s work

Luna’s look at shapes includes the varying lines and curves that make up an everyday item like a tree. In a piece such as Golden Tree I, however, the attention paid to the shapes and lines makes it something to study, seeing something slightly different each time. This focus on shapes is also apparent in her landscapes. 

Colours in Hand Painted Art

Luna’s floral paintings are brimming with hues. Red roses, blue petals, a pop of colour on a cityscape, Luna knows just how to accent a piece to make it memorable and not garish.

Hand Painted Art Offers Textures

One of Luna’s most interesting pieces is Bricks Design, in which she displays her love of textures. The contrasting materials practically leap off the canvas, and the bricks arranged in a spiral contrast textures and shapes beautifully. In her piece "Golden Floral Design", the texture of interlocking bricks just peeks out of the background, once again marrying shapes and textures.

These pieces are a lovely way to add interest to a room. We know you’ll find a hand-painted piece by Luna M that speaks to you.