Stephen Tapajna - Photographer - ArtMaison Canada


Stephen Tapajna - Photographer

My fascination with our visual world, our first “language”, has always been and has never left me, constantly evoking my senses, feelings and emotions, speaking to me in universal metaphors. This series of photographic interpretations of nature and the way we view it is a homage to my connection with this universe and my natural sense of belonging. It is a fusion of nature and man’s interpretation of self within it. Our perceptual ability as humans allows us to reflect the many aspects of ourselves. We can define ourselves by these natures we see and feel. This series looks towards the wholeness of Nature to examine the unity of the natural world and our human nature. When we find ourselves infused with the beauty of the natural world we also find ourselves feeling the Oneness of our nature within Nature.These images move towards the mystery that ties our sense of belonging with nature and ourselves, with the moments that leave us in awe of the world in which we live. It is best to remind ourselves that, there must be the time taken to practice a moment of peace and belonging.This series tries to remind us of these places of Stillness.